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Get Your Labs For Just $15

We've reduced lab prices by 90% for top labs because we believe that access to healthcare shouldn't be limited by costs. Become a member today to meet with a board-certified PlushCare physician and get select labs for just $15. Your doctor will follow up with your lab results and a custom care plan. Please note not all labs are $15.

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Most major insurance plans accepted

Most patients with in-network insurance pay $30 or less. Paying without insurance? New patient visits are $129, and follow-ups are only $99 for members.

Don’t see your provider listed? Email [email protected]  or call  (888) 564-4454  to talk to a PlushCare specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need lab testing?

    If your doctor recommends lab testing it’s because they need more health information to be able to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. It’s important that you get the labs they request to know what’s going on with your body. Without lab testing, you may not get the diagnosis and care plan you need to live a happy and healthy life.

  • How do I get lab testing online?

    If your online doctor recommends you get lab testing you will need to go to an in-person facility to have the lab work done. Labs often require a blood or urine sample and this is something you’ll have to give in-person. That said, online doctors make it easy to get lab referrals. Instead of having to go to your doctor in-person and then to the lab, you can get your lab order from home and only need to make one trip for the actual test.

  • How will I get my lab results?

    Your lab results will come back to your PlushCare doctor who will reach out to you to discuss next steps. You may need a follow up appointment to get a custom treatment plan including any necessary prescription medications.

  • Why are labs so expensive?

    The average cost of blood work in the U.S. is $1,500. Lab costs vary drastically depending on what test is being done, for example, a UTI lab test is cheaper than a thyroid lab test because it involves less testing materials and time to get results. That said, labs can be very expensive, especially for the uninsured, because they involve expensive equipment and chemicals, and highly trained lab technicians.

  • What other membership benefits does PlushCare have?

    In addition to lab discounts on many popular labs, PlushCare offers our members same-day access to some of the world’s best virtual doctors. Our members also get unlimited in-app messaging with our care team of nurses and support staff. You can become a PlushCare member with or without insurance and bookings are available 24/7.

  • Are all labs $15 for PlushCare members?

    No, not all labs are available for $15. That said, many commonly needed labs are available for $15. You will need to pay for your appointment (the average patient pays just $22) and the doctor can tell you the cost of your lab before ordering it.

What can I get $15 labs for?

PlushCare members can get the following labs for just $15…   🔹 Diabetes Testing 🔹 Thyroid Testing 🔹 Cholesterol Testing 🔹 Blood Pressure Testing 🔹 Kidney and Liver Testing 🔹 Autoimmune Testing 🔹 Blood Count Testing 🔹 Nutrition Testing 🔹 Iron/Anemia Testing 🔹 Pregnancy Testing 🔹 UTI Testing 🔹 Electrolyte Testing 🔹 And Many More…   Please note that not all labs are $15, check with your PlushCare doctor for official lab pricing.

Don’t let expensive labs stop you from getting the care you need

Research shows that many people don’t get necessary lab work because it’s too expensive. This may lead to even more expensive health complications down the line.   Get affordable care from start to finish with your PlushCare membership. The average patient pays $22 to speak with a doctor and with top labs available for just $15 you don’t have to choose between your health and your wallet.