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Online therapy and virtual counseling available now

Improve your mental well being with online therapy. Get access to our therapy program online for $149 for weekly sessions or $169 for a single session. Book a free 15-minute consultation or book your first therapy appointment today.

  • Online therapy that fits into your schedule — on web or mobile from the privacy of your device

  • 95% of therapy patients recommend PlushCare to friends or family

  • Save time and money while receiving high-quality online therapy care and support

Access an online therapy provider in just 3 easy steps:

  • Find your match.

    Step 1

    Find your match.

    Find a therapist who matches your unique needs and preferences.

  • Book an online therapy appointment.

    Step 2

    Book an online therapy appointment.

    Book a therapy appointment from anywhere, on your schedule.

  • Talk to your therapist online.

    Step 3

    Talk to your therapist online.

    Visit with a licensed online therapist on your smartphone or computer.

  • Find your match.

    Step 1

    Find your match.

    Find a therapist who matches your unique needs and preferences.

  • Book an online therapy appointment.

    Step 2

    Book an online therapy appointment.

    Book a therapy appointment from anywhere, on your schedule.

  • Talk to your therapist online.

    Step 3

    Talk to your therapist online.

    Visit with a licensed online therapist on your smartphone or computer.

Online therapy services

Seeing a therapist with PlushCare is easy. Our licensed therapists can provide online mental health counseling and help with conditions like depression and anxiety.

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  • Mental health prescriptions

    Our therapists can refer you to one of our board-certified doctors to prescribe medication for mental health management. Book an appointment with one of our physicians or get a referral from your therapist and start to feel better today.

    Learn more about mental health prescriptions
  • *We cannot prescribe controlled substances. Prescriptions are dependent on an evaluation with a medical provider. Learn more about our controlled substances policy.

    Online therapy ratings and reviews

    Our online therapy providers have treated over 550,000 patients.

    • My fantastic experience with Plush Care!

      5 stars

      My experience with Plush Care was amazing. I was able to get an appointment within 30 min of first logging in & my physician was extremely helpful & knowledgeable. I have already shared my experience with family & friends. It was the most relaxed, convenient appointment I've ever had & will definitely be using this service again.

      L.D., Dec 2021

    • I ran out of my normal anxiety medicine…

      5 stars

      I ran out of my normal anxiety medicine and my therapist had not answered my phone calls or emails for the past few weeks. Panicking, I googled how to get a refill and PlushCare came up. Within an hour, I had an appointment, got my prescription filled, and my anxiety level dropped amazingly. This is a great service and I would highly recommend to anyone who needed their medicine filled.

      J.E., May 2020

    • Plushcare Please Don't Change A Thing!

      5 stars

      I came to Plushcare for routine meds when COVID first hit, but have now chosen a primary care physician who is the kindest, most concerned and helpful doctor I have ever worked with.

      J.P., Apr 2022

    • Very convenient from the comfort of…

      5 stars

      Very convenient from the comfort of your home, and flexible appointment availability! The doctor actually made the right (and critical) diagnosis and sent me to my specialist, who confirmed her online diagnosis. Very, very satisfied.

      G.T., Apr 2022

    • Five star service from the comfort of my home

      5 stars

      I was debating whether going to an Emergency room or having a dispatch physician come to my home for an eye infection. I have a toddler and with everything going on with Covid I couldn’t take the chances of going to the ER. After some research I came across PlushCare — the doctor was extremely knowledgeable and he sent my prescription to the pharmacy even before we finished our call.

      T.R., Jan 2022

    Online therapy benefits

    Online therapy and mental health services provide greater convenience and comfort, among a host of other advantages. Meeting with an online therapist can empower you to get the help and emotional support you need. Here are just some of the powerful benefits that online therapy services offer:

  • Time savings

    Time savings

    Online therapy saves you the time and effort it would take you to travel back and forth to and from a traditional in person therapy clinic. Since you don't have to take into account travel time, online therapy makes it even easier to fit counseling into your busy schedule.

  • Wider accessibility

    Wider accessibility

    Since online therapy is accessible from anywhere in the state you live, you don't have to travel to get to the nearest therapy clinic. If you live in a remote area without access to nearby counseling services, you can easily access a licensed online therapist in your state from wherever you are. See a licensed therapist from the comfort of your home or whatever location is most convenient for you.

  • More privacy

    More privacy

    Online therapy is private, secure, and less of a commitment than traditional therapy. Since online therapy services offer ease of access and scheduling flexibility, you may find it easier to keep your mental health treatment private and discreet, if that's your preference.

    Many in person therapy clinics prefer that you commit to an ongoing program. Our online counseling services allow you to sign up for a single therapy session, so there's no pressure to commit or continue if it's not the right fit for you.

  • Affordability


    Online therapy is often less expensive than traditional in person therapy, since online mental health services avoid the overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar clinics, like rent and utilities. Online therapy cost varies among individual sites and online therapy platforms, just as with in-person therapy.

    However, it is easier to find online counseling that fits within your budget. Also, for patients without insurance, the cost of an online therapy visit is often much more affordable than an in person visit.

  • Greater choice

    Greater choice

    Online counseling provides greater access to a wide variety of diverse licensed therapists and licensed clinical social workers, as well as a variety of treatment options, including cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment modalities. We even have online therapists that speak multiple languages, have experience with patients of various backgrounds, and are allied with specific communities, such as the LGBTQ+ community and racial justice community.

    You can first get to know a licensed mental health professional by booking a free 15 online consultation to make sure you find your match. If you find a licensed therapist that you feel comfortable with, you can then easily book full online therapy sessions at times that work for your unique schedule.

  • Extra comfort

    Extra comfort

    A survey by the American Psychological Association found that 98% of patients rated their online counseling sessions as more convenient and comfortable than traditional in person counseling.

    You may find it easier to open up to a mental health professional across a screen from the location you find most comfortable, rather than in an in-person therapist's office.

  • Simple medication management

    Simple medication management

    Since our platform makes it easy to receive collaborative care from our online therapists and other health care providers, it is easy to manage your mental health prescriptions from one single platform. Your online therapist can recommend you to a clinician to provide you with a mental health prescription, and then you can have your medication sent to the pharmacy nearest you.

  • Online therapy FAQs

    • How much does online therapy cost?

      Online therapy visits on average can range from $65 to over $250 per session. The cost of therapy typically varies based on the therapist and whether they accept insurance.
      You can see one of our trusted, licensed therapists in your state for $169 for a single session or $149 for weekly sessions. You can also book a free 15-minute consultation to meet your prospective therapist and find the perfect fit for you.

    • Is online therapy effective?

      Yes, online therapy has been shown to be extremely effective. According to a 2014 study by the Journal of Affective Disorders, online therapy was found to be as effective, if not more effective, than traditional in-office therapy for depression and other mental health conditions.

      A different study, also conducted in 2014 by Behavior Research and Therapy, found that online mental health services were very effective in treating anxiety disorders. Further, the improvements from online therapy were still present more than a year later.

    • Is online therapy covered by insurance?

      Some insurance providers cover online therapy, however, coverage varies depending on your health insurance provider and plan. Reach out to your health insurance company to verify whether your online therapy service is covered.

    • Who is online therapy best for?

      Even if you are not seeking help for a specific mental health concern, online therapy can be beneficial in providing support for people from all walks of life. Our online therapy program is for individuals 18 and older who are looking for emotional support and development from a trusted state-licensed therapist. We do not offer therapy for families, couples, or people under 18.

    • How is online therapy done?

      Online therapy is simple and accessible. First, complete a brief assessment so we can help you find an online therapist that best fits your needs. Then, select to meet with one of our diverse, licensed therapists in your state at the time and date of your choice. You can even book a free consultation with them to see if they’re the right match for you, and many of our licensed therapists are available for same-day visits.

      Then, you simply connect with your online therapist via our app or website from the comfort of your home, or wherever you choose, at the time you scheduled. Our online therapy platform is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. If it’s something you’re considering and your provider recommends it, our mental health providers can then prescribe medication and electronically send it to the pharmacy nearest you. In addition, you’ll get dedicated access to our care team, so we’ll always be here for you whenever you need it.

    • How much is online therapy without insurance?

      Online therapy visits can vary on average, anywhere from $65 to over $250 without insurance. We offer top quality, trusted, affordable online therapy in the middle of that range. We connect you with a highly qualified licensed therapist in your state who is available to listen to your concerns, for $149 for weekly sessions or $169 for a single session.

    • Does online therapy work?

      Yes, online therapy works just as well, and in some cases even better, as in person therapy. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Psychological Disorders found online therapy to be just as effective as traditional therapy for anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and more.

    • Is there any free online therapy?

      Licensed therapists do not offer free online therapy services. However, we offer a free 15-minute consultation so you can find the perfect fit and make sure our online therapy is right for you. Start your first therapy appointment or book your free 15-minute consultation.