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Talk to a licensed, board-certified doctor to see if CHANTIX can help you quit smoking. Those who quit smoking with CHANTIX are 3 times more likely to succeed than those who try to quit without it. Connect with a top doctor online to discuss a CHANTIX prescription or a generic alternative such as varenicline.

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What is CHANTIX?

CHANTIX, also known as varenicline, is a prescription medication that helps you stop smoking. Depending on your smoking cessation plan, you can take CHANTIX medication for three to six months. You can request CHANTIX online by getting a prescription from a licensed doctor.

While Chantix is no longer available due to Pfizer’s voluntary recall, it is still possible to request the generic version (Varenicline) to help with your treatment. Speak with a doctor to learn more.

How to Request CHANTIX Online

You can request a prescription for smoking cessation medications such as CHANTIX from an online telehealth site like PlushCare. A licensed doctor can provide you with a prescription to buy CHANTIX. When you schedule an online doctor’s appointment at PlushCare, your physician can help you find out if using CHANTIX is right for you. Your prescription will be sent by the doctor to a local pharmacy, where you can pick up and buy CHANTIX at your convenience.

Do You Need a Prescription To Buy CHANTIX?

Yes, you need a prescription to buy CHANTIX. Since CHANTIX is a prescription medication, a licensed doctor must provide you with a prescription. You cannot buy CHANTIX over the counter (OTC). You can buy CHANTIX online by having it prescribed by a physician at PlushCare. Once you receive a prescription, you can buy CHANTIX at a nearby reputable pharmacy of your choosing.

How Does CHANTIX Work?

CHANTIX works by activating sites in the brain called nicotine acetylcholine receptors. This inhibits nicotine withdrawal by imitating mild nicotine effects. It also prevents nicotine from attaching to these receptors in those who smoke cigarettes while taking CHANTIX.

How Much Does CHANTIX Cost?

CHANTIX pricing in the United States varies depending on insurance coverage and the amount of time you take CHANTIX. Generally speaking, CHANTIX tablets cost $9.49 per 0.5 mg or 1.0 mg tablet. Price or price range is provided as a reference point only and may vary. A 30-day supply of CHANTIX can cost up to $485, so many people will look to their insurer to cover the cost. Without insurance, the CHANTIX starter pack costs $593.59.

Can You Still Smoke if You Take CHANTIX?

You can continue to smoke cigarettes while on CHANTIX for only a certain period of time. Eventually, you will need to set a quit date. A common choice is to quit smoking between one week and one month after you start taking CHANTIX. If you feel that you cannot quit that quickly, you can begin taking CHANTIX and then cut down your smoking by half as much each month over the course of 12 weeks. Talk to a doctor to discuss other ways to reduce tobacco use and gradually quit smoking.

Does CHANTIX Have Any Side Effects?

Generally, CHANTIX is well tolerated by most people. Some of the most common side effects of CHANTIX may include:

  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Unusually strange or vivid dreams
  • Insomnia
  • Headache

Some people have had seizures while taking CHANTIX. Most of these cases happened in the first month of treatment. If you experience a seizure while taking this medication, stop taking CHANTIX and call your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Your doctor may want to discontinue or decrease your dosage.

Can You Buy CHANTIX Over the Counter?

You cannot buy CHANTIX over the counter (OTC). This is because CHANTIX is a prescription medication. To get CHANTIX, you must have a prescription provided by a doctor or medical provider. At PlushCare, you can make an appointment with a board-certified doctor to begin your smoking cessation plan and get a prescription for CHANTIX.

Do You Need a Prescription for CHANTIX?

Yes, a prescription for CHANTIX is required from a doctor. Luckily, prescriptions to buy CHANTIX online are easy to obtain for those who need them. Just book an online appointment with a world-class doctor at PlushCare and discuss your needs today. Your doctor can electronically send your CHANTIX prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. This makes it easy for you to pick up your prescription whenever and wherever you want.

Can You Buy CHANTIX Online?

You can buy CHANTIX online from a reputable telehealthcare site such as PlushCare. It is an easy and convenient process that starts by making an appointment to have a video chat or phone call with a PlushCare doctor.

  • At your appointment, your doctor will ask you about your medical history and if you have ever tried to quit smoking before.
  • After discussing your case, your PlushCare doctor may recommend a treatment plan and prescribe medication to help you quit smoking.
  • You can pick up your prescription and buy CHANTIX at the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Be sure to follow up with your doctor if you experience any adverse side effects.
  • Using a prescription medication such as CHANTIX in your overall plan to quit smoking is a great idea.

What is an Example of CHANTIX Dosage?

CHANTIX dosage will vary based on the instructions provided by your doctor. Here is one example of a CHANTIX dosing schedule:

  • Start with one 0.5 mg pill daily for days 1-3.
  • For days 4-7, take one 0.5 mg pill in the morning and one 0.5 mg pill in the evening.
  • From day 8 to the end of CHANTIX treatment, take one blue 1 mg pill in the morning and one in the evening.

Since this CHANTIX dosage schedule may not be the right plan for everyone, be sure to talk with your doctor to determine the right dosage amount for you. For example, you may be prescribed a CHANTIX starter pack based on your doctor’s directions.

Can You Get a CHANTIX Coupon?

Yes, you may be eligible to get a CHANTIX coupon. A CHANTIX coupon may be available from the medicine’s manufacturer. CHANTIX price will vary based on where you purchase the medication. The average CHANTIX price is $485 for a 30-day supply (without insurance). Most health insurance plans cover CHANTIX. With a CHANTIX coupon, you could save between 6% and 17% on the retail price, though this will vary and depend on the source of the coupon.
The PlushCare Prescription Discount Card covers CHANTIX. The Prescription Discount Card is a benefit of PlushCare membership that could help save you up to 80% on medications at most major pharmacies. The card is free to use, works with or without insurance, and is valid at 50,000+ pharmacies in the United States.

Where Can You Get Support for Quitting Smoking?

You can receive support from your doctor, support groups, friends, family, and smoking cessation hotlines. These resources are an important part of your potential success, so take advantage of them today, and quit smoking for good. For help call the National Cancer Institute Quit Smoking Hotline: 1-877-448-7848

Note About Online Prescriptions

Medications are prescribed at the sole discretion of a PlushCare physician. Prescriptions for non-controlled substances can only be written after a medical evaluation. Scheduling an appointment does not guarantee that a medication can or will be prescribed.

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